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Material procurement

Basic standards for material procurement
  • HSC is committed to developing good partnerships with our suppliers, deepening our mutual understanding, and cherishing our relationship of mutual trust.
  • We are committed to conducting fair transactions based on the principle of free market competition and working with suppliers from Japan and abroad based on the following criteria:
    • Competitive pricing
    • Ability to meet the required quality levels and specifications
    • Ability to respond to delivery and supply demands
    • Technological development capabilities
    • Reliable business management
  • We place priority on environment-friendly merchandise and products in our procurement process.

Steps to becoming a supplier

Products we procure

The following is a list of products that HSC procures. We look forward to proposals and suggestions from a broad range of suppliers.



Electrical and electronic products

Batteries, lamps, radios, air conditioners, switches, controllers, sensors, various meters, monitors, motors, wire harnesses, semi-conductor-related products, relays, horns

Rubber and plastic products

Various oil seals, O-rings, rubber dampers, rubber hoses, formed plastics, rubber products, acoustic insulation/absorption material


Bearings, steel balls, filters, mirrors, clamp hoses, joints (T-shaped adapters, elbows), springs, wire ropes, seats, ring retainers, clamp pipes, C-shaped fastening hardware, washers

Special for HSC

Cabs, track adjuster assemblies, track springs, fuel tanks, thin-plate metal products, piping, front pins, front bushings, machined components, oil tanks, welded structural components, cast components, cast steel components, forged components, counterweights, shoe assemblies, coil bushings, roller assemblies, idler assemblies, hook assemblies, *sheaves.

Oils and paints

Oil products including hydraulic oils, various fuels, paints, and solvents

Auxiliary material

Welding wires, on-site consumables, mechanical tools, assembly tools

transport/packing material

Product transportation jigs

Place of delivery

Procurement Department, Production Division
Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane
Nagoya Factory, 6-1 Asahi-cho, Ohbu, Aichi, Japan


Note) Please contact us at the following for any questions about details.