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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Acquired on January 22, 1998
Renewed on March 31, 2016
Certificate No. 3575122A
Location of works:
Obu, Aichi
Saijo, Ehime

Nagoya Works and Saijou Office are promoting the continuous improvement of the quality management system based on its quality policy, which aims to "offer 'safety' and 'reassurance' to its customers through providing the best products and services."

Acquired on January 21, 1999
Renewed on December 4, 2013
Certificate No. 1242-1999-AE-KOB-RvA
Location of works: Obu, Aichi

Nagoya Works acquired the ISO 14001 with the Nagoya Factory of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., with whom the woks shares its premise and utility system.
With the motto “Be friendly to people and the environment,” Nagoya Works is striving to protect and preserve the global environment through the reduction of environmental load and harmonization with the community.